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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The worst litter of all...

...with Tim Horton's coffee cups coming in a close second.

Seriously, though. Most smokers would not even think about tossing their coffee cups or food wrappers onto the ground, but mindlessly throw their cigarette butts all over the place. CityNews just posted this story about the problem. Here's a quote from the article:
To put things in a national context, an estimated 52 million cigarettes are tossed onto Canadian streets each year. In global terms, there are those that suggest they're the world's most littered item, a claim with shocking implications given that it takes a single butt an average of 25 years to break down.
25 years! And not to mention that before the butts even break down, all the chemicals get washed into our waterways or find their way into our soil.

How about making portable ashtrays like these or these fashionable smoker accessories?


This morning, on the CBC, Andy Barrie mentioned (unofficially) that the iPhone is finally coming to Canada. Apparently, Apple and Rogers have struck a deal and soon we'll be able to hold the magic in our hands. Right now, it's just hearsay, and I never really planned to buy an iPhone when they ended up available here, but the boy has been waiting very impatiently for this to happen. Of course, when I see his, no doubt I'll want one myself.

Dammit - I'm getting an iPhone.

Apparently it is more official than I thought. Here's the news release.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Movin' on out...

Across the creek

We have some big news.

In late September/early October of this year, the boy and I will be paring down our stuff, packing up the rest of it, and moving out west. To Vancouver.

This decision has been a couple of years in the making. Actually, the trip we took a year and a halfish ago was supposed to sell me on the idea. There are so many great things about Vancouver - environment-wise, climate-wise, culture-wise - but for me, this move is less about the destination and more about the move itself.

I love Toronto. I love all my friends in Toronto. My family is here. But I was reminded recently about why I studied German, of all things, in high school. It wasn't because I planned to specifically live in Germany, but it was definitely because I had never planned to live my life in one place. After my sister was born - just before I started college - I'd put those thoughts aside because I did not want to leave her. She is now 16, soon going to be starting college or university herself, and I finally feel ready to stretch my wings.

There is so much scariness that comes along with making this type of move in your mid-30s. Thankfully, we are not in a position to have to sell a house (we rent) or to uproot a child (we're DINKs!), and we look forward to changing things up in our careers. I plan to look for a designer position with a company that aligns with my own ethical views (they are out there!) and the boy plans to do freelance web development. We also plan to take in a lot of nature in the way of hiking, camping and biking. And Seattle is only a couple of hours away!

It is with much sadness that I leave all my loved ones - but what better time is there in our history to make this sort of jump? With the online presence of blogs, flickr, Facebook, we'll be able to stay in frequent contact with everyone "back home".


Unknown balcony sprouts

Unknown sprouts

I planted these guys a week ago and just a couple of days later they started sprouting. I foolishly didn't mark the box with what seeds I'd planted, so I don't really know what these are. After buying brand new boxes, I planted basil, cilantro, early jalapenos, tomatoes, dill, mild & spicy lettuces, radishes and baby brassica greens, all from Urban Harvest seed packets. I think these might be the radishes or the brassica greens.

Oh, and see the spikes? That is what I have to do now to keep the pigeons from nesting in my plant boxes. After 2 nests and two yucky clean ups, I'm pretty much done with baby pigeons, so my boxes are spiked with bamboo skewers.