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Friday, September 28, 2007

Balcony [wild]life

Our balcony has recently become popular among the area pigeons. They've been hanging out, pooping, sniffing around. Even diarrhea-ing. Blech. I generally don't mind too much, since the cats get a kick out of watching them from the window, but the new messy discoveries are bothering me – though not enough to make them stop hanging around.

This morning I popped out, dodging the poop and fresh puddle of grossness, relieved that today's thunderstorm will hopefully wash it all away, and hung my wet gym clothes on the clothes dryer, scaring away a pigeon in the process. And look what I found in what used to be the lettuce pot!

It's a bird!


Aw, ain't she cute?

We'll be following the progress in photos! If not here, then definitely on my flickr page!


We came home from work this afternoon to find either mama or papa nestled into the pot, and when I checked back later on, they had left again. Of course, I went outside to have another peek at the cute little soon-to-be birdie and LOOK WHAT I FOUND!


That's right - TWO eggs! Eeeeeee!

I'm so giddy.