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Friday, February 29, 2008

Stop and smell the... cumin.

I bought a brand new bag of bulk ground cumin last week and, even though it is tucked away in the spice cupboard, every time I walk through my kitchen, I can smell it.

It's one of those small joys that make living a little bit easier.

Monday, February 18, 2008

We really are!

I was in bed when I heard the knock on the door. The boy and I were taking advantage of the new Family Day by sleeping in. At first I ignored the knock – I rarely answer the door unless I am expecting someone, a result of living in apartments and cities my entire life – but then I heard something coming through the mail slot. It was the mail man. I ran to the door just as he was about the leave and he handed me the package that wouldn't have fit in the slot and would have been redirected to the post office for me to pick up.

I looked at the box – Vegan Works was the sender. I couldn't remember if I had ordered something. I'd been looking at vitamins the other week, but I didn't think I'd ordered them. I broke into the box and saw a thank you note from my friend who I created an ad for, to promote her vegan dog bakery! How sweet. I honestly did not expect anything in return.

I crawled back into bed and told the boy. He said "You vegans are good to each other".

We really are.

Desert Essence Vanilla Chai lotion, Endangered Species Chocolate Mint bar, a Vegan necklace and Vegan brooch both from Snooty Jewelry, and a Vegan Works carabiner - which will come in so handy with my home/car keys!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Here we g(r)o(w) again.

The pigeon traffic has been busy on the balcony today. I figured it's just because it is daytime, a time I normally don't see at home since I'm usually at work - figured that pigeon traffic is normal daytime stuff. Then I saw a pigeon jump down to the floor of the balcony with a twig in its beak.

Oh no.

I put on shoes and stepped onto the balcony. The amount of bird poo (specifically the, um, liquidy kind) looked all too familar. A few more careful steps towards the pot in the far corner... two birds frantically flying away from the scene... and there it was...

Here we g(r)o(w) again.

Two eggs sitting atop the petrified poo from the fall. I'm actually not all that excited this time, knowing how much of a mess these little guys create. But, I'll tough it out one more time, then remove the pot from the balcony.

Who knew pigeons laid eggs in the dead of winter?!


Friday, February 1, 2008

Good bye, snow!

This is what I'm leaving behind this week. A vacation South never sounded – or looked – better.