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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

"All American" American Idol Musings

On the TV, Melinda Doolittle is singing her song for this week.

Boy: this is like the All Star, all American Superhero vs. Chumps.

*boy listens a bit more*

Boy: You work it, girl!

Outside these walls, he will deny that he enjoys watching American Idol even just a wee bit.


Sunday, March 25, 2007


Back to it.

A few weeks ago I pulled out my sewing machine. I'd been thinking about trying to sew something for weeks, and, after finding some abandoned and very clean sheets in the "treasure room" of my building, I took the plunge. At first, I had planned on using the sheets to make something but then I decided to make a skirt out of some extra large t-shirts. It turned out very well, but I just realised that I have no photos yet. I'll post one when I shoot it!

I was on a roll! But then I got sick for a couple of weeks and spent much time couching.

But I got back to it this weekend. I made a pair of bloomers! During my trip to Portland to visit Michelle last fall, I bought the awesomest pair of green bloomers and I thought it would be fun to make my own. The sheet I found had a decent blossomy pattern, and I decided to use it.

I used a pattern for a pair of drawstring pants, but made them knee length. Then, I added a ruffle. Easy, right? You would think. After cutting out the paper pattern, then the fabric, then getting confused (I cockily neglected to read the directions thoroughly) and having to rip out my stitches twice, finishing the pants took almost 7 hours. I expect that next time will be much faster. And there will be a next time as I want bloomers in several colours!


The plan was to make 3 ruffles on each leg, but I messed up and only made one.


I love how this shot makes my legs look sooo looooong....!


Tetley freaks me out.

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Monday, March 12, 2007

It's been a while since I posted, as I was gently reminded by my mother. Last week I came down with a cold and decided to spend my evenings on the couch, resting my body and getting better. I thought it was letting up this weekend, and I was out marching and walking and meeting people for dinner - but this morning I woke up to a respiratory infection. I have a few things I want to post about, but those'll have to wait until my head and chest clear.

One quickie, though. The Toronto Vegetarian Association has just launched a new contest - Tofu Haiku. The prizes are great, and who doesn't like to have fun by writing a clever haiku? Heck, my friend Tamsin and I even used to write each other emails in haiku format :) Check out TofuHaiku.com and submit your own poem about mashed soybean curd!


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