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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Stress-free goodness

As of last night, I need only to pick up one more Christmas gift to complete my holiday shopping. YAY!

This year, I actually started picking things up and planning gifts in the summer so that I could have an easy going December. Well, I only really have the boy, my mom, my sister and my Grammie and Dave (aka my grandfather), so the list isn't very long. Plus my 2 VRF swappies. Since the boy gave me my supah dupah awesome tablet for my birthday AND Christmas, I thought it only proper that I give him his Christmas gift early, too. So, we went out shopping and got him the fantabulous camera bag he wanted and a couple of lens hoods for his new pro camera. Now he's got the goods and just has to start taking more pictures. Ahem.

In other news, CUTENESS!

I found these doing a stock photo image search and HAD to snag a copy. I don't think posting them here violates any sort of agreement since I'm not making money offa them, nor am I distrubuting them. They're just comp images anyhoo. But LOOKIE HOW CUTE!

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