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Friday, December 8, 2006

Well that explains it.

Ontario 'robbed' of sun, records gloomiest fall in 29 years

If you were down in a funk this fall, you shouldn't be surprised, Environment Canada says. In the three-month stretch from September to November, Ontario recorded its gloomiest fall in 29 years, with a total of just 343 hours of sunlight instead of an average figure of 475 hours.

"We were robbed of about 130 hours of sunshine we would normally get in that period, so I can understand why people who suffer seasonal disorders would have been depressed," Environment Canada's senior climatologist Dave Phillips said. "They would have had a miserable season, and the fall really should be a glorious time."

This year was the third gloomiest fall since Toronto began recording the amount of sunshine back in 1957, edged out by a dismal 323 hours in the fall of 1977 and the gloomiest ever - 312 hours in 1970. The lack of sunshine was due mostly to wet weather from September to November, Phillips said. Areas around southern Ontario and Toronto received 270 mm of rain compared with the average of 211 mm.

"In fact, 60 per cent of the days in that 91-day period [September to November] were wet as opposed to dry days, and that's really like hand in glove - you get less sunshine, and that's because hey, you're getting a little drizzle here, more rain there," Phillips said. September logged 131 hours of sunlight compared with the normal 208 hours, October logged 140 hours instead of 173, and November had just 71 hours of sunshine during a month that normally delivers 94 hours.

"It's been so depressing that people are almost waiting for the winter to come, because at least in the winter when it's cold, at least it's sunny," Phillips said. But he also reminded people they won't be able to have it both ways in winter. "You can't have it warm and sunny, so you'll have to pick your poison," he said.

sorry, Carla. I know I'm supposed to be staying away from the news...!


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10:13 PM, December 08, 2006

Blogger vania said...

a ha - so it's official - so much grey weather really impacted on me!

1:13 PM, December 10, 2006


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