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Thursday, March 9, 2006

One a day egotistical goodness

Is it bad to take only slightly secretive joy in knowing that my design skills are superior to my super-bitchy co-worker’s skills? It is petty, definitely. But does it make me a bad person?

I mean, if you knew how bitchy she is… sigh… hopefully my cold will go away soon and I'll be able to get back to the goodness. I think I may start a new regular post of "Letting it go..."


Blogger michelleknits said...

It's honest. Most people aren't so honest. Letting it go is good, too. My best to you -- be well!

5:43 PM, March 09, 2006

Blogger mishka said...

Thanks. There's so much to the situation and it's hard to let go when I'm constantly being subjected to her evil nastiness. The whole office is, really, and she creates such a hostile environment. Unfortunately, she plays the game well enough that she's too valuable to be let go, and she makes sure she doesn't cross that line that would allow her to be fired on the spot for her actions.

It's just getting me down lately, so I try to find little pockets of joy in any way I can.

9:57 AM, March 10, 2006


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